Friday, 9 January 2015


It started out well when I re-homed Polo (who had interest from three people) to a nice young woman who wanted a friend for her young ginger female, but it went downhill after that with no other cats or kittens adopted since then.

I agreed to take in an adult female which had been seen being thrown out of (a non-moving) car and had a stray kitten delivered from Seaham. Andrea took the former and Joanna the latter. Both of them were discovered to have problems with the kitten having a headful of ticks and, after being opened by the vet, to have an inflamed gut. The cat is being sick and has diarrhea. Both are being treated and will hopefully get better soon.

Here's the, lovely natured, kitten.

 On Wednesday lunchtime I got a call from Hill View Infants School (not far from me) about a young ginger-white cat which had come onto the school grounds that morning and refused to leave. As the conservatory was free -Tomas, a white with grey patches and a tabby tail, young male, having graduated to living in the rest of the house and spending time on my knee- I went round and picked it (her, probably) up. After two days she's still not eating much and varies between rubbing up against me and purring to giving me a swipe with her claws and growling at the other cats peering through the glass door. Being a young pretty little thing I put her up on Animal Krackers Facebook page with high expectations of locating her owner. No word, however, so far and I'm beginning to suspect that she's been dumped. I was told when I collected her that a teacher was interested in adopting her so if I haven't heard anything by next Wednesday and a Tuesday checkup at the vets gives her the all clear, the teacher can have her.

There is one nice thing to have happened this week. A few weeks back Adele sent me the link to the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund which gives small disbursements to charities which are listed on their webpage. It's designed to raise the profile of charities and encouraged more involvement in them -as well as getting good publicity for their product (and who could begrudge them that?). Anyway, after I put up Animal Krackers' profile on their page, we have been selected as one of this week's winners and we'll be getting our photo taken next week. So a big thank you to Galaxy Hot Chocolate.

Skye, a cat I rescued, fostered, and moved to the re-homing centre suddenly deteriorated and was discovered to be ill with feline leukemia and put to sleep. I had her vaccinated as soon as I got her but it was obviously already inside her. She kept to herself while in my house so I'm hoping she hasn't passed it on to any of mine. Apparently it can be passed on through the use of shared litter trays but this is rare.

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