Friday, 23 January 2015


Here's a list of all the cats and kittens we've re-homed this month.

Frazzle, a kitten, adopted 01/01/15
Minnie, female, about two, okay with children and dogs but still a bit nervous but is becoming more friendly by the day. Arrived 01/12/14. Adopted 02/01/15
Timmy, male, about 3,  confident cat who lets you know where he wants to sit, best as the only cat, likes laps, arrived 01/12/14. Adopted 02/01/15 
Ted, about 3-4 years old, neutered 02/09/14. He's an abandoned cat who's been on his own for a while but, when he comes out of his shell has shown himself to be a nice natured friendly cat who’ll happy sit on your lap for a cuddle. Arrived 31/08/14. Adopted 02/01/15
Sherry, kitten, adopted 02/01/15.
Polo is 6 months old, he is very loving. Adopted 06/01/15

Cleo, 2yrs old, adopted 10/01/15.
Dandy is about 3, he is a very affectionate little man. Arrived early Dec 2014. Adopted 12/01/15.
Morrissey the kitten adopted 13/01/15.
Flipper & Dipper 2 feral kittens adopted by fosterer 13/01/15
2 semi-ferals adopted by Joanna 13/01/15.
Juno, 8 months old ginger-white, adopted 14/01/15
Bettie, 2 years old, a nice friendly cat who isn't keen on other cats. Arrived 02/01/15. Adopted 14/01/15
Mickey & Eva, 6 months, brother and sister, adopted 17/01/15
Fluffy, the adorable fluffy ginger tabby adopted 18/01/18
Neville, a nice young male around 2/3. Has had a bit of a rough life and would like a nice quiet home and lots of cuddles. Arrived 07/01/15.Adopted 20/01/15

And now here's some photographs I've taken this month.

After three weeks with me, this one moved next door and his best friend is now an elderly labrador.

This is Neville (see above) who likes sitting on people's shoulders.

Carole O'Brien rescued this mother who was living in terrible conditions and who had several kittens as soon as she arrived. About three of them died but mother and survivors are now doing well.

Carole also rescued this poor young boy who had been handed in to the PDSA who had to amputate part of his tail. If, as I'm expecting, Boots the cat in the next photo leaves my conservatory for a permanent home tomorrow then this one, who I've named Little Ed, will replace him.
Then again I've just had an email asking if I can take in another cat and as Little Ed is with Carole...

Tomas, who has lived with me for three weeks and had his second vaccination today, is a nice friendly boy who may also have a new home this weekend. If he doesn't then he's off to our re-homing centre next week.

Mickey and Eva abandoned me for a permanent home a week ago and I miss them terribly.

Back soon. (I hope).

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