Thursday, 27 November 2014


1. Willow.

On Monday I get a call from a lady to remind me that Willow's second vaccination is due. I can't remember who Willow is at first but do so when she explains. Willow is a young cat (about one year old) whose owner, the lady's neighbour went into hospital and she looked after her for the duration. Then she had to go into a home but agreed to keep her for the three weeks it took for the vaccination period. Fine

Next morning I duly go to collect Willow. She has been spayed, I ask, just double checking. No, she hasn't. Ah. Change of plan needed. I ring the vets and arrange for her to be spayed tomorrow and decide, as the conservatory is free, to take her home.

She's very nervous and runs to hide but when I spend a little time with her, it's clear her nature is a very friendly cuddle-loving one.

That evening, Jack (who lives next door and put my cat stand together -see recent post) takes six month old Tomtom home for a couple of hours with a view to maybe adopting him. It doesn't work out that well as Tomtom spends most of the time under Jack's bed and his sister has to get him. I then think about Willow so they both come back to mine and look at her. Willow sits on a chair and let's them stroke her and they are both very impressed and want to try her out. We skip the following evening as she's just had her operation and is going round tonight. We'll see what happens.

2. My memory is failing me.

I'm sure I was at the vets on Monday but I'm blowed if I can remember why. Or maybe I wasn't.

Did a home check this morning for fostered out ginger kittens Bill and Ted. Happy to report that they are going to a great home. A mature couple with a long history of looking after dogs and cats, a nice enclosed garden, decent size house. They are going to be very happy.

Then there's something a little different. I was contacted by a 3rd year journalist student from Sunderland uni about college work she doing, specifically cat rescue and fostering. I answered a few questions by email and then invited her to Ferry Farm (plus friend -I might have turned out to be a psycho) so she could see for herself and I would answer any more questions. Which is what happened and it all went off very well. I've asked her to send me a copy of her essay as I'm interested in how others see us. Me, I was my usual charming, witty, informative self. Yes, I bloody was! And probably rambled on interminably too but never mind that.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a lady at the vets when she brings a cat for its second vaccination and it will then go to Ferry Farm. Saturday I'm doing a home check all the way down the coast to Easington Colliery, or E.Colli as I've wittily taken to calling it in emails. I know, I know, I'm just so darned impressive.

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