Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Cirrus has gone to his new and hopefully permanent home. While she was here he cuddled quite contentedly in his new owner's arms. Her partner's mother who accompanied her turned out to be a regular reader of my blog, identifying Maisie and Aelfric by name immediately. Now if only the unmet partner doesn't turn out to be allergic to C then we'll all be happy.

 Yesterday morning I signed over Aoife to her new wheelchair-bound owner. Aoife is quite happy to sit in her lap while the chair is buzzing around the house, though she does hide from the carers who regularly help out. After that I did a home check which was satisfactory and Felix may have a new home by now.

Skye, the fluffy black female I took in last week, the one who attacks me on sight, seems to be calming down. I can now stroke her for several minutes without her turning on me, though she still makes the odd warning sound even while her tail is sticking up and she's purring. This only applies when she has an escape route though. If she's on a bookshelf with no room to manoeuvre it's slashing-biting time. Still, a definite improvement.

Dora is going to a new fosterer tomorrow thank goodness. I can't take much more of her constant snuggling up to me, her loud purring, and her going to sleep against my shoulder. The fosterer apparently already has two young cats. I would not want to bet against her very soon having three permanent young cats. She doesn't know what she's letting herself in for.

On Friday, Maisie and Bronia are off to the vets for their second vaccination and from there to Ferry Farm where they will, I'm sure, find their new permanent homes. Tina the torty in the conservatory will follow a week later. This means that on this Friday I'll be down to two foster cats and to one a week after.

Helen is transferring four (update: 7) cats over the next week to Ferry Farm and by sheer coincidence I have photos of (4 of) them taken by her.

Here are a mother and son being fostered by Joanna, also available (the mother & son, not J). Full details on all six cats can be found on the cats needing homes webpage.

Angela, one of our cat cuddlers and organiser of Animal Krackers Facebook page, is going to spend a month in Africa on a lion park. Is that the sound of seething jealousy I hear?


Angela McGhin said...

Haha!! I'll take plenty of pics Ian - I'd offer to bring you one back but I think you have enough on your hands!

High Heels and Pearls said...

A month on a lion park - how amazing! If you need any help managing the FB page in the interim, let me know.