Friday, 7 November 2014


And I'm not just talking about the weather. Or today. Its been a bit of a grey week all round.

Today, or rather early this morning as it's still only 8.44 as I'm typing this, I went swimming, went to check on Susan (which I'll be doing for another couple of months or more following her knee replacement), then home to put a cat in a cat carrier to take to the vets for spaying, and followed this with a call to the vets to cancel the appointment as I couldn't safely get anywhere near the cat even with a towel and wearing gloves.

But let's backtrack to Tuesday evening when this all started and I received a call asking if I could help out with a distressed cat found not far from the Queen Alexandra Bridge. It would have to go in the cat cage but I agreed and a lady duly brought it round. I took some photos and put them on Animal Krackers Facebook page where there'd already been some discussion about it.
And someone was pretty sure she was theirs so arrangements were made for her to call round at lunchtime on Wednesday. This happened. The cat was hers. Great. Not long after that I got a call from the mother of a young lad who was being evicted and had nowhere for his cat. Take another sigh and agree.

Now a couple of months ago, or thereabouts (crap memory, too lazy to check details), I did the same for another young lad who was being evicted by a scumbag landlord. Well, surprise surprise, it wasn't only the same scumbag landlord but also the same building, and even the same crummy bedsit. I picked up the cat and stroked it without incident until I put it in the carrier and it went berserk. Took it home, put it in the cage and it attacked anything or anyone (me) that went near it from the moment of its arrival to right now. Also hasn't eaten anything yet. 

A few minutes after I first arrived home with Sky, I received an email from the lady who'd taken the cat at lunchtime to tell me it wasn't her cat after all and could I take it back. Er, no, sorry. She did eventually find someone to take it.

Meanwhile, back to this morning, and a few minutes later I had to go out of the house to turn my car lights off when a neighbour called to tell me I'd left them on. When I opened the door to get back in, Dora the four month old black and white and adorable kitten ran out, but not too far so I was able to catch her. Going back in, Cirrus the mad and delightful fluffy 18 month old male also ran out and again I caught him. Don't know what's got into them as they've never tried that before. I can see I'm going to have to be very vigilant. Here's Cirrus.

Now what else could go wrong today? I'll let you know.

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