Monday, 10 February 2014


Hi everybody! 

I want you to say hello to Rusty. He's only been in my house for fifteen minutes and he'll be feeling a little uncertain. Plus he's only four and half months old. So give him a big friendly hello (but not too loud).

Okay, thank you.

Carole got a call late this afternoon but gave them my phone number. (Thanks, Carole!) This kitten was being harrassed by his owner's four year old son who wouldn't leave him alone so I agreed to take him because Emma (see previous post) no longer had to be isolated so the conservatory was free.

First impressions are quite positive. He immediately wanted to explore the house despite the presence of other cats and he was easy to pick up. However he's going to stay in the conservatory at first until I get a more accurate idea of what he's like but I don't think he'll be there for long.

Incidentally, have you any idea how hard it is to take an even halfway decent photo of an inquisitive black kitten in a poorly lit room? Well these are the best photos after they've been cropped and lightened.

And, nothing to do with Rusty, but here are some photos of my cats & the kitten I took a little earlier this evening. I think they're cute (well, the first one is).

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