Sunday, 16 February 2014


Rusty the five month old kitten-cat settled in at my house very quickly. He soon developed into a very loving and friendly cat, often jumping on my lap and sprawling across my chest to go to sleep. He was spotted on my blog by a nice couple who came this morning to look at him and took him home. I thought, being all black, he might be hard to re-home. I do so love being wrong.

(Side note: Even though Emma, the 11-week old black and white kitten, is officially up for adoption I have fears for her long-term health. She's just recovering from diarrhoea and has been diagnosed with the corona virus and I've just got a feeling she isn't going to have a long life. So unless someone comes who fully understands and accepts that, then I'm keeping her.)

But he isn't the only cat to be homed this weekend. On Friday I picked up the six cats from Seaham (see a previous post) to take to the vets for their second and final flu jab and then take them off to the re-homing centre. But the two ginger boys never got there. As pre-arranged I met a lovely young woman, who has two young adopted daughters, at the vets to be picked up and taken home. I've just received an email from her describing the boys as being wonderful, which is a good start.

That same person also almost adopted Tigger the ginger boy a couple of weeks back but was taken with the photos of the others. However, a lady and her mother came to Ferry Farm this morning an hour after I'd said goodbye to Rusty and adopted Tigger.

I looked in on the four girls and found them cuddled up together and wanting someone to make a fuss of them so I did.

A four-cat weekend. Just what I needed after two weeks without a single re-homing to raise my spirits.

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High Heels and Pearls said...

Oh that's lovely news about Tigger. I gave him lots of cuddles and fuss on Saturday - I'm really happy for him!

The four girls are adorable - the all black girl is especially affectionate. She couldn't get enough tummy rubs!