Sunday, 24 November 2013


1. Best re-homing week ever! 

I'll say it again. Louder.

Best Re-homing week ever!

Yes, four cats were re-homed from our centre at Ferry Farm Kennels in the same week. If that happened every week we could take in nearly every cat around. But of course it doesn't.

Last Sunday, Ellie the 8-month I'd fostered for a few weeks went to a lady and her son at Penshaw. They texted me a couple of days later to say how delighted they were with her. Two days later the nervous but friendly Ziggy, another cat I'd fostered, went with a father and teenage daughter. No news which I assume is good news.

I tell every person who adopts a cat from us, that I'm always available for advice or just to listen if there are any problems at all or if I can help in any way. Also that we'll always take a cat back if it's unsuitable -it does happen- and they can, if they wish, try another one.

Saturday (yesterday) I re-homed two cats in half an our. One of them was Leona our joint longest resident having arrived at the end of December last year. I'm so pleased. Also going to the mother of the lady who took Ellie was Edward the wandering (four family visiting for food) large thick furred black and brown stray who'd been hurt by some kids. We'd kept him in the shop for a while and got him treated at the vets before transferring him to Ferry Farm which was obviously the best thing. Despite being healthy and extremely friendly (he likes draping himself around your shoulders), he is around eight to ten years old and it isn't easy to re-home older cats so I'm delighted this lady has taken him. He'd actually been recommended to her by her grandson who also brought her here.

Best re-homing week ever! If only they were all like that. This is the best part of what I do and it makes it all worthwhile. "I'm h-a-p-p-y/ I'm h-a-p-p-y/ I know I am/ I'm sure I am/ I'm h-a-p-p-y."

2. Little lost kitten.

And elderly couple with four dogs found a small kitten on their doorstep. They lived on South Hylton bank. It was dark. It was rush hour. I got there when the clouds opened and rain, sleet, and snow crashed down and the god of thunder and lightning smote his anvil with a hammer and lightning split the sky and thunder burst ear drums and I was walking up and down the steep bank trying to identify the house, hoping I wouldn't slip (as I had earlier that day at the bus station when I crash-landed on my right leg).

But I found it. I took the kitten (3-4 months old). Put it in the conservatory with Tut. It had a collar on and was very friendly and affectionate, pretty too, with a soft coat and thick bushy tail. I expected someone to have contacted me about it by now but they haven't. She's now in gen pop though not too happy about it.

3. Animal Krackers Christmas Fayre.

I had nothing to do with this. Any credit for its success should go to Susan Hardy who worked her arse off and herself into the ground getting it ready and properly organised. Thanks to the many helpers also. Raised over £400 for the charity. 

It was held in the function room at the Alexandra pub just a couple of hundred yards from where I live. I popped in for about half an hour to chat to people and there was a nice buzz. Good one, Susan.

4. A sad note.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned Max, a rescued older cat who had developed diabetes and had taken to be put to sleep. Wendy the vet decided to see if he would be suitable as a practice cat (that is: live in the practice, not to be practiced on). Alas, I received a call yesterday to say that, while he'd won the hearts of the staff there, he'd been deteriorating and that Wendy believed there was more seriously wrong with him than just diabetes. I don't need to state the rest.

Ah well.

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