Sunday, 17 November 2013


Nah, it's just an update.

Last weekend I re-homed Milo, a three year old grey and white cat. A couple of days later I learned that he was barely eating and drinking and the new owner was very worried. I took them both to the vets and, after a thorough check, Louise couldn't find anything wrong. As it was probably stress at the move, despite being very friendly to his new owner, Louise gave him a steroid shot to increase his appetite. Tonight I contacted his owner for an update. He is eating but only small snacks. I think as long as he's maintaining his body weight -like all housecats, he has a sedentary lifestyle- he'll be fine.

Today I re-homed Ellie the 8 month old kitten-cat who'd spent a few weeks with me. I knew it wouldn't be long before she was re-homed as she's a very affectionate and pretty little thing. Ziggy, a cat who was very nervous in the short time she was at my house, has come on a lot and has nearly been picked twice recently. 

As for the cats I've got-

It won't be long before Tut (no longer Growler) is off to the re-homing centre. I've stroked him three times to day without the slightest aggressive reaction so I'm very pleased. It just confirms what I thought in that he's a nervous cat who takes time to settle. I now believe he is re-homeable but with an experience owner without either cats or kids.

Frankie the little kitten settled in within a couple of days. He plays happily with the other cats and loves curling up on my knee whether I want him there or not. Whoever gets him will be very lucky.
Here he is with one of his friends and they aren't looking at me but at the stranger, the 6 month old kitten cat with the undescended (and since removed along with the descended) testicle. He's an odd one. Runs a mile from me when I'm walking around but if I coax him into letting me stroke him, he turns into a total softy. He also loves snuggling up to me on the bed at night.

Three not so little kittens.

Aelfric the Irresistible (I mean, how cute is that?) and Tiger the Titan.

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