Saturday, 30 November 2013


Sharp-eyed regular readers will notice that isn't a Part 3. Well there is and there isn't. Thematically there is a Part 3 but it's under a different title. And I hope you all appreciate what a clever play on words the title is. You see if you replaced the K for an H you get... Oh never mind...wonder why I bother.mutter....

1. Another new kitten.

So, phone call to re-home a mother cat and ten week old kitten. Yes to kitten, No to cat. Yes, because I can always squeeze another kitten into my house. No, because the re-homing centre is fully booked up till the New Year, barring another 4-cat week that is.

When I actually get there, it's a nervous little tabby. I also meet the mother who is a friendly big tabby so I suggested that if the lady can have her spayed and vaccinated, at our expense, I might be able to get her in.

The kitten has gone into the conservatory partly to give it a chance to calm down and partly because it's used to doing its business outside and may have forgotten about litter trays. He's not aggressive but cringes away from me when I bend down to stroke him. Just noticed a few seconds ago that he's playing with his blanket which is a good sign. Think I'll call him Magnus. No, I don't know why either.

Update. 30 minutes later and he's a bit less nervous about me stroking him and he's used the litter tray. At this rate I'll try him with the others by the end of the day.

2.  Another new cat.

Max was one of our cats adopted five years ago by an oldish lady. A neighbour got in touch with me to see if we could take it in as the house would be cleared soon and none of her relatives... well, you know the story. As the conservatory would be free in a few days (that story comes next) I agreed and picked him up on Tuesday. 

He's very placid and friendly boy of uncertain age, though definitely not young and I'm taking him to be checked out at the vets on Tuesday where he'll get his first flu jab. Yesterday, at Susan's insistence, I moved him into the gen pop. So far he's stayed in the living room, mostly on the top of the settee out of the way of the other cats -Aoife in particular who prefers people to other members of her species. Just like Max really.

3. Two more for the re-homing centre.

One was a stray adult female being looked after a lady. I'd taken her to the vets where, much to vet Wendy's embarrassment when she asked me for a name, I named her Wendy, and had her vaccinated and spayed. I had to pick her up a day early and have her spend the night in the conservatory where she changed from an amenable pussy to the cat from the nether reaches of hell. I wore gloves the next morning when I put (wrestled) her into the cat carrier. If I hadn't she'd have bitten through my thumb.

Also going for his second flu jab was Arthur, the seven month old black and white kitten-cat, who loved snuggling up next to me when I went to bed. And then to the re-homing centre where I hope Wendy will calm down just like Tut who now seems remarkably placid and friendly.  (As usual, see previous posts for details).

4.  The adventures of Fifi.

Shortly after arriving, Fifi the first cat I adopted when I moved into my new house earlier this year, retired to my book room for a few months only tolerating the company of Aelfric. A couple of months ago she decided to occupy the kitchen where she was often joined by the big A. While there I caught her cuddling up to a kitten or two. She's now in the process of moving into the living room and, whenever possible, sitting on my knee.

Wonder what she's going to do next?

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