Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I sneaked Leo into the house behind Susan's back about 10 years ago. She was away on holiday for a week with her brother and his family and he was a kitten at Carol's which kept asking me to take him home. So I did. I told Susan he came from Hendon and was just going to be dumped. She wasn't happy but put up with him and, of course, came to love him.

Leo was a friendly and mostly gentle cat except when food was around in which case he'd barge his way through the other cats to pick whichever bowl he preferred. He always loved being made a fuss of and would often come and sit on my knee.

Sadly, when Susan and I split up I had to leave him behind though, as our lives are still entangled, I still saw a lot of him. Recently he'd begun developing breathing problems which got so bad he had to stay at Wendy's vets on a drip for the weekend over which period Wendy told us he'd seem to pick up. He even managed to escape from his cage. Alas this morning, he deteriorated and Wendy drew pink and bloody fluid from his lungs. It was time to go and I stroked him and talked to him as she did the deed and he went in seconds.

Goodbye Leo, you enhanced our lives and I think, I know, you were happy with us.

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