Thursday, 2 May 2013


I'm not used to nervous cats. Most of the cats I've had have settled in quickly and confidently. Not so my two newest arrivals, both of whom have taken a while to adjust. Thankfully that period is about over. 

Fifi the black and white female has mostly restricted her territory to the living room and book room but recently has begun to venture into the bedroom and kitchen. She regularly sits on my knee as long as I don't move other than to stroke her.

Aelfric, which is the final name for the cat previously known as Handsome Boy aka Hansen, came by his name when I only noticed it on his microchip certificate yesterday and liked it. About a thousand years ago there was an Anglo-Saxon abbot who wrote histories and other stuff. This was before those vile foreigners the Normans came and polluted our gene pool. (I know, I know, I keep getting told off for making jokes in this blog.) Anyway, Aelfric, who used to run at the sight of me, will now come up to me on my bed and proceed to lick and gently nibble on my fingers and stay within stroking distance.

There's also Ziggy who will only be staying until her second vaccination in a couple of weeks time. She stays in my bedroom, mostly under a chair, and is absolutely terrified of me, though she doesn't mind Aelfric who sometimes joins her there.

Here are some recently (as in about 15 minutes ago) taken photos.

First, Aelfric who has the cutest face of any cat I've ever had.

Then Fifi who just melts my heart.

Thirdly, feline friends, i.e. they can sit next to each other without hissing.

And, finally, poor scared Ziggy.

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