Wednesday, 22 May 2013


They are out of the cage and spend most of the time on a chair. In case they fall off, which they do, the drop is less than a foot and they land on soft carpet squares. Their mother, when not nursing them, has the free run of the small conservatory.

As I mentioned last time, I've started supplementing their mother's milk with a reconstituted special formula kitten milk and feed them from a syringe. After only three days they're so used to it and to me picking them up and feeding them that as soon as they see me they start to cry out. come to me and try to climb up me if I'm close enough. I think they now see me as their second mother. The cat, whom I really must find a name for soon, seems quite happy with this and licks any spilled milk off them. She continues to be a gentle and friendly cat and I've a feeling I may yet add her to the permanent feline residents.

Here are some more photos.

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