Saturday, 7 July 2012


Seeing as our first one last November was such a success, we decided to do it again. Again, it was mainly organised by Sue Hardy, which is not to decry or minimise the great efforts -before, during, and after- put in by lots of people which is much appreciated but who are far too many to name. Despite fewer people turning up, with the church hall being merely quite full as opposed to almost overflowing, we still managed to raise over a thousand pounds which is more than we did on the previous occasion.I should also note that the food and the punch went down well and I hope that people who drove after drinking two glasses of the latter didn't get stopped on their way home. Even I only had one. (Only joking, it wasn't that strong. Honest, officer.)

I took quite a few photos, some of which you'll find below, and almost all of poor quality compared to even my normal pathetic standard, because I was fiddling with my camera in an attempt to increase the shutter speed. Whatever I did, I failed miserably.

Lastly, while there I spoke to Dawn, the wife of Mark of Ferryfarm Kennels, who told me that the erection of the cat re-homing centre should begin next week which means, fingers crossed, that we might be open for cats within four weeks, maybe even sooner. More news as I get it.

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