Saturday, 23 June 2012


For the second time this week we got a call about tiny kittens being dumped. Again, the people who found them contacted the RSPCA who gave them the same answer: leave them alone (to die, probably getting eaten by either rats, birds, or dogs, or from dehydration). Nice to know you can count on the RSPCA to do the right thing. In this instance they were dumped in a cardboard box at the back of a chemists at Gateshead. One member of staff took two home as did another. However in the latter case her own cat took violent objection to these tiny intruders and so, very reluctantly, she had to contact us. I went through this morning to collect them and take them to Carole's. At Carole's, and as I expected, she put them in with the grey tabbies (who are thriving and about the same age). Here they all are.

And here are some more new kitten photos.

I'd just got back when I had to go out again with Susan to meet a lady who had brought two cats from Seaham to by fostered by Lynn. Living in a council house, she was discovered to have more pets than the council would allow and was ordered to get rid of three cats. Her son took the other one. Photos below. One of them, after a quick look around disappeared behind the couch, the other took up residence on another and waited to be made a fuss of. Needless to say, he didn't wait long as I never could resist ginger cats.

Just one final word. I hope these scum of earth (and other rude words I don't use in this blog) who dump kittens (and cats and any other animal) to be either taken in by kind people or left to die, rot in hell.

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