Friday, 20 July 2012


One of those odd coincidences. Saturday morning and I got a call from a lady wanting her three youngish un-neutered females re-homing. Sorry, full up, try (only at more length and more kindly in tone). Phone down, checked email, found one from a lady and her husband offering to foster cats for us. I called her and she sounded very nice and very suitable so I put the two together and the three cats were at their new foster-home at Peterlee by the end of the afternoon.

I drove down on Tuesday morning, getting lost by over-estimating the distance on the map from the A19 to her house, to check everything okay. Which it was. Sarah is very experienced with cats and a real animal lover and who said all the right things. She's also rescued two chinchillas which are pictured below after the cats.

This handsome 6 month old and just neutered ginger boy has been re-homed in the last couple of days but I wanted you to see him. The grey and white kitten in the previous post was also re-homed just a few hours after I finished writing it.

You've seen this mother and daughter (the only survivor of a litter of five) before but I just like this photo.

When I was at Carole's yesterday, a young (about 4 months I'd guess) black female called Leona sat on my knee, purring away and then rubbing against my face (and biting my nose and ears a little too). I'm not sure if she's the one in the photo but in all honesty young black cats all look alike.

Lastly, a few tiny terrors.

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