Saturday, 14 April 2012


Don't pay too much attention to the title, it's in part semi-ironic and in part to get your attention. This is a catch up piece again containing several items which I'll relate in more or less reverse chronological order.

We took these cats in on successive days and for the same reason -we were told they had attacked or threatened a baby. The black one, who's about 2, came from somewhere in Durham and was brought to my house. From there I took her our fosterer Elizabeth at Dalton le Dale. The cat seemed nervous and,  when she retreated behind a chair, hissed and spat when I tried to touch her. Elizabeth will be letting me know soon how well she's settling in and what her nature's like.

I found out about the other when Carole called me. Apparently she'd been handed in at the PDSA just round the corner from Heworth Metro and her owner wanted her put to sleep despite being only 8 months old. Lisa the local pet taxi person got involved and contacted Carole who asked me if I'd get her. Which I did. It was rush hour but the traffic wasn't too bad. You can't tell from the photo but she's really pretty. The staff told me she'd been quite aggressive during her brief stay but, as they said, we didn't know how she'd been treated. Once in the cat carrier she settle down and seemed quite happy for me to touch her. Back at Carole's though and with other cats sniffing around she started spitting. She's currently staying at the local vets while Carole gets something sorted out.

The tortoiseshell is another from the PDSA at Heworth who was rescued from certain death by me and Carole. She's a stray who'd been handed in and had been there a week and would shortly be put down because no-one had claimed her. Carole had been contacted about her and you know the rest of the story.

This lovely ginger cat came from a lady who couldn't look after him -she had another two but this was one cat too many for her resources. Her friend had contacted Animal Krackers who passed her on to me. Luckily Carole had a space. He's a lovely friendly young boy.

This is a case where I was called out on a consultation. The mother (above) had given birth to the litter a few days earlier. She's another sweet-natured cat and a good mother and she wasn't the problem. That was the black and white kitten. It was born without a tail and its hind legs are splayed abnormally apart. What the owner wanted was my advice on what to do. As the kitten was nursing, moving around as much as his litter-mates, and his mother hadn't rejected him, all I could say was just to leave things as they are and see how he developed over the next 2-3 weeks and then get back in touch. He wasn't in any distress. I did check with Carole who confirmed what I thought. So I should update this story in the next post.

What follows next is just a few recent cat photos. The first is of another stray which had recently decided to live in the house in the story above.
Wendy the vet with a kitten who turned out to have an ulcer in his eye.

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