Saturday, 31 March 2012


I've taken up a new sport. It's called: Concrete Diving.

I just invented it yesterday. I'd picked up some stuff from an elderly lady, driven to the back gate of our Grangetown shop and taken it inside. On my way back out down the steps to the back yard I tripped over my own feet, stumbling down a couple of steps before completely losing my balance and flying headlong into space.

Luckily the concrete backyard broke my fall. Luckily too, I didn't land on my face, not that it would have made much difference to my general appearance if I had I suppose. My right forearm bore the brunt of the fall with my right leg not far behind. 

The shock was worse than the actual fall and I just lay there for about a minute, catching my breath, trying to calm down, and mentally assessing my injuries which I quickly decided were minor, before trying to move and getting to my knees before accepting the offer of help standing up. The two ladies who'd been working through the back, brought a chair for me to sit in, made me a cup of tea, and gave me a chocolate biscuit, all three of which I needed. Thanks, ladies.

Now, just over a day later, my forearm is densely peppered with reddish-brown scabs, it's slightly swollen, and there's general mild pain in it, in my elbow and in the socket at the top of my arm. If it doesn't improve in a couple of days after resting it, I'll get it checked out though I think that's unlikely.

Nobody to blame except my own stupid self. There was nothing on the steps to cause me to trip and they were dry. Pity really, cos I could have sued for compensation. Though if I did I'd also have to pay for a divorce. Only joking. I hate these parasitical law companies who publicise their had  an accident, no win, no fee (and not much money if you do win after we've taken our cut). I think they're scum and I'm not impressed with the people who use their services believing it's a chance for easy money.

In the last post I mentioned two five month old cats, a brother and sister which I'd picked up from Hebburn and managed to get re-homed the same day. Alas, it didn't quite happen like that. The black was also female which ruled her out as her prospective adopter wanted a male. Both were nervous and stressed by the change in their circumstances and the tabby lashed out at Carole when she was showing her.

Both settled down and proved to be lovely friendly cats, the black one in particular who was re-homed this week. Both have been neutered and hopefully the tabby will get a home soon. Incidentally, both are much prettier than these photos indicate.

I haven't been blogging much because I don't go to the vets as often with Kings Road Practice at Southwick (and a quarter of a mile from Carole) being opened and don't get through to Carole's as often though it's still at least three times a week. I did get call this morning but I'm out of action for a couple of days until my arm gets back to normal, or I possibly get over the shock which still may be taking its toll. I'm usually quite phlegmatic about minor accidents but with my 64th birthday this year minor accidents aren't quite as minor.

Ironically I'm swimming more than I used. Until about three weeks ago I'd do twenty, maybe 22 or 24 lengths and then stop. I now do 30 as a minimum and got up to 40 once last week and that's four to five times a week so that's a 50-100% increase which has got to be good for me.

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