Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Twice a week I take either bought or donated food to Carole's and usually take a look at the cats. Yesterday I was particularly interested in Rosie (see previous post). I found her in  a cage buried under a blanket. I pulled it away and, while she tolerated me stroking her, it was clear that she wanted to hide away so I let her do just that. A little while later I came back and this time she was actively friendly. So, a little improvement but she really needs a nice quiet home with an owner who can give her lots of love. I hope she gets one soon.  Here she is. She's actually prettier than she looks here.

Before proceeding any further, I should warn you that at the end of this post are two photographs of me with a cat. If you feel that the sight of a 63 year old cat rescuer with more chins than fingers is too much for you, go no further.

Now the little grey kitten from the previous post is now in with another litter of kittens and their mother which I couldn't resist photographing. At the time of writing he's been homed for about fifteen hours.

Carole's own cats are usually very friendly and I always take time to make a fuss of them. (There is one notable exception who approaches you like a friend but only to lull you into a false sense of security before striking with fangs and claws. Carole insists he's not like this with anyone but me but I don't believe her. He's the spawn of the devil and he's most definitely not the one in the next two photos.)
 Much better than a parrot.

Lastly a recent arrival is this friendly big thick-furred two year old neutered male. Highly suitable for re-homing.

Three Hours Later.

I was just in the middle of checking all the above when I got a call from Carole. A guy at Hebburn, part of the South Tyneside conurbation, had two young cats to re-home from his grandmother who had just died and he had a cat-hating staffie. By coincidence I'd had a call from someone who wanted a young male companion for his four month old male kitten and Carole had also had a call from someone I used to work with and these two kitten-cats sounded ideal for both of them. I dreaded driving through to Hebburn as I don't know the place but the address was very easy to find. No photographs I'm afraid, but not a bad morning's work.

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