Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Picked this one up on Friday from a house not far from The Seaton Lane Inn. The Inn used to be a spit and sawdust type local when I first visited back in the late 70's. It was also the only pub in the area which served Theakston's Bitter and Theakston's Old Peculier (at the time a legend among real ales, though now a shadow of its former dark and intense self; though maybe we've all got used to strong real ales as they are far easier to get hold of than they were back then. The Inn itself is now a pub/restaurant/hotel part-owned by Niall Quinn who'll go down in local history as a Sunderland footballing philanthropic legend). 

The cat's about 1-2 years old and suffered the injury long enough ago for it to be completely healed. The cat gets about fine and has a lovely nature.

Above are two hoours-old kittens and their mother. Carole was convinced she still had more inside her and took her to the vets. Wendy the vet opened her up and found only one which had died, then continued to neuter her to get it all done and spare her any future trauma. Nearly a week later, mother and kittens are doing well.

Speaking of mothers and kittens, Carole is keeping three mothers (including the one above) and their kittens in one spare bedroom. Here they are. The first photo is of an all black mother and her five tabby and tabby-grey kittens.

Yesterday, a nice gentleman took home a young friendly two year old peach-tabby cat which as far as we knew was nice and friendly. After an in his house she went nuts and attacked him. In the meantime, as a cage was now free, I went to pick up a stray black and white (and apparently un-neutered male) from a house in Seaham. I took him to Wendy's vets at Southwick as it was easier to drop him off there to be neutered. While Wendy was checked him out, I got chatting to this bloke in the surgery who turned out to be the one who'd taken the peach-tabby going nuts (which was when I first heard about it) and he was at Wendy's to look at a skinny tortoiseshell (see previous posts) whose kittens had recently been re-homed. Wendy appeared to say that the cat was neutered so I rang Carole about taking him up to hers except that she no longer had a space and wanted Wendy to keep him overnight.

A day later and all is well. He took the skinny tortoiseshell and he and his wife are delighted with her and the big black and white cat (who reminds me of my big black and white cat Ted) is safe at Carole's.

And just to finish off, a couple of photos of some of Carole's permanent residents.
"All good friends and jolly good companee-y!"

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