Sunday, 5 February 2012


Seem to have been quite busy the last couple of weeks with regard to picking up cats and kittens which need to be re-homed for various reasons. Plus numerous visits to the vets. Plus meetings. So, without further ado, the photographs of recently rescued cats and kittens all in need of new homes.

And then there's Buster who was seen being dumped out of a van. We know he's called Buster because the people who took him in for a couple of hours know the family and this was the second time they'd tried to get rid of him. By the way, he isn't a cat but he's very loveable all the same and currently being fostered out.

Vets trips involved picking up young cats to be neutered. It's no secret that we use more than one veterinary practice -Williams & Cummings, Roker Park, Vets4Pets, and Westways. In the last week, a new practice opened up though the vet, Wendy, was not new to us at all. She's opened it in the old PDSA building at Southwick which is a good idea as it already had most of the fittings she'd need and it had been built as a veterinary practice, plus it's not too close to other vets. And it's also just over five minutes walk from where Carole lives which means she can take cats and save me driving from one side of the city to the other. We aren't dropping any of the other practices we use but it's nice to have another one.

A couple of cats -Sophie and Rossi- we recently and separately re-homed came down with cat flu which meant it had to be in them when they went out so it was our responsibility to pay for vet treatment and also, as neither lady had transport, to take them there. The earliest case seems to be starting to improve and I'm hoping the other will soon follow. Mind you, something odd did happen. Being on this side of the river, I took them first to Williams & Cumming it being the nearest. Then when Sophie deteriorated, I rang the vets, got an immediate appointment and only realised when I got out the van at Roker Park that I'd called the wrong vet. Oh well. Two days later I took Rossi back to Williams & Cumming having earlier that morning booked another appointment for Sophie at Roker Park and mentioned it to the receptionist at W&C who told me no,  I'd booked her here.

The next day in The Mail Online I saw a test for Alzheimers and took it. Score 1-4 and you were okay, 5-17 cause for further investigation, 17-25 and you're wondering what you're doing and where did this computer come from. To my relief, I scored 3. Okay, the test was supposed to be completed by someone close to you but the questions were all clear and the 22 I answered no to I'm positive were the right answers for me.

And then there were the meetings, the subject of which I shouldn't tell you as we have nothing in writing yet so don't tell anyone, but... And this is really big news. It's the most important thing to happen to Animal Krackers since we opened the shop nearly ten years ago.

Oh it's no good. I can't do it. Not before the written agreement is signed. It could still fall through. Maybe by the end of the month. Maybe.

But it's great. Really.

Console yourself with these photos of growing kittens still about three weeks off re-homeable age.

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