Thursday, 9 February 2012


I don't believe in fate but I still hope I'm not tempting it in what I'm about to tell you. Nothing has been signed yet, though a draft agreement is being compiled by our solicitor, and as far as I know a certain third party is in agreement, so here goes.

By the end of this year Sunderland will have its first purpose-built cat re-homing centre at Ferryfarm Kennels, South Hylton, Sunderland.

We've been housing rescued dogs there for years and Mark, the owner, has long been wanting to open a cattery there as well. Now he's got planning permission from Sunderland City Council, he's given us first refusal to have it as our re-homing centre which, after some discussion, we've gone with. It will be to the standard of a proper commercial cattery (i.e a place where people leave their pets when they go on holiday) but for rescued adult cats wanting new homes. I'm really excited as I'll be administering it. I've got lots of ideas about how to do it but I'll keep those until nearer opening day. Carole who usually looks after our rescued cats will concentrate on pregnant cats, kittens, and those needing close attention like the injured cat recently.

It will have 15 'rooms' plus an isolation cage in an L-shaped block. Cats which have lived together will share but the minimum space is for 15 cats -obviously. Here are a few photos of commercial catteries none quite fitting how I imagine it, more an amalgam of them, but you get the idea. I'll make the cages more homely with toys and scratching posts. I'll also be taking photos of each stage in the building process. 

I'll be mortified and very disappointed if this falls through because as far as I'm concerned it's the most exciting thing we've done since we started the charity

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Sharon said...

I am so pleased there is now a cat shelter in Sunderland. There has been a need for one for too long. You are doing fantasic work! it's a shame there is such a need for one, but I am very keen to help in some way and hope to be in touch soon. Sharon.