Thursday, 17 November 2011


So the four not really wild just nervous of people kittens had been with Elizabeth and Michael for a week now. Apart from a touch of diarrhea necessitating a trip to the vets, there'd been no problems. As I'd just got in some Drontol worming tablets for my own cats and Elizabeth had to take fecal samples to the vets, it was easy to combine the two by calling in with the Drontol and taking Elizabeth to the vets. Of course what would be even easier was for me to simply take the samples to the vets on the way home but that didn't occur to me until I was approaching her house and being waylaid by her neighbour's friendly young dog. I may be slow but I do get there in the end.

The kittens, relaxed in their room with the cage open, they have started to play with each other. Two of them have begun to purr when picked up and cuddled. Also they are easier to get hold of, though they do usually make a run for it when you put them down. 

Here are the photographs taken during my visit.

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