Tuesday, 15 November 2011


At the end of the previous post, I mentioned Ed, the very loveable one year old fluffy black and white cat who needed an exploratory operation because of an enlarged liver.

When the vet operated this morning he found that poor Ed was in quite a mess. Apart from the liver, he had several enlarged glands, almost certainly feline leukemia, and probably several other things wrong with him. Carole was phoned while Ed was still on the operating table and it was agreed, as I had suggested to the vet yesterday, with the only other alternative being a slow and painful death, he was put to sleep while still under the anaesthetic.

That's two cats we've lost recently, one old, one young. It happens, I know, it happens. But it's still sad.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed by the time of the next post with stories of re-homed cats and lots of pictures of rescued cats and cute kittens.

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