Thursday, 24 November 2011


That's Wednesday, that is.

Another early start so I skipped swimming and went to pick up Mary and her little terror of a terrier Alec to take to Roker Park for neutering. Alec is lovely with people but highly overactive and attacks any animal -dog, cat, whatever, he comes across, except for housemate DJ the English Mastiff (and big softy) who I'd taken to be neutered on Monday. Mind you, he had a very difficult early life before Mary took him on.

At the vets was Elizabeth who'd brought the young cat Tilly (see previous post) to be neutered. I was able to give Elizabeth the good news that Tilly's previous owner, who'd had the cat pretty much dumped on her, was willing to give it another try following a promise of support from her adult daughter. So Elizabeth didn't need to come and pick the cat up in the afternoon as I'd do that when I came to collect Alec. Which is what happened.

Late morning and I received a phone call from a gentleman who asked if we could take in a 3 month old kitten which, after a quick call to Carole, we could and I'd come now and collect it.

When I got there (not far away) I got some more background about the situation. The gentleman and his wife were known cat-lovers and had, in the past, helped feed a colony of ferals that lived in a nearby abandoned factory. He'd been feeding a ginger feral in his back yard for the last five years and in the last few weeks a friendly kitten had started coming round to be fed. He'd also set up a cat kennel in the yard as a place to shelter and sleep for the two animals. He also had one cat of his own, a blind 17 year old female.

I told him that, while I was happy to take the kitten, we hadn't re-homed a cat or kitten in over three weeks and the best that would happen would be that it would be stuck in a cage for an indefinite period of time. It seemed to me that, and it was obvious he was fond of the little thing, the kitten would be better off staying where it was. As long as it didn't bother the older cat (which it didn't seemed to when it came inside), there was no reason why he shouldn't keep it. I'd picked it up and it happily purred away while I stroked it. I'd also take care of the neutering when it got a little older. I'd also de-flea and worm it in a few days time.

So he's keeping the kitten and giving it a very good home.

Result! Two results! in fact.

Oh, and here is the little cutie.

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