Sunday, 23 January 2011


And usually a quiet one apart from maybe a tip run or two. I don't go swimming at the weekend mainly because the place doesn't open until 9.00. So, cats allowing, I had a little lie-in and checked my email around 8.30.

To find a request from a Spanish lady to take care of her maine coon cat which, because of airline expense, she can't take with her when she leaves the country in a few days time. I checked to see if we could take it and emailed her with a contact number. Also got an email from my friend Cathi recommending the gym as being better than swimming and suggesting I get my doctor to refer me

Not long after that I was out on the road heading south to Murton a few miles away to pick up a couple about my age to take through to choose a cat to adopt. Peter had suffered from a stroke recently and (without my mentioning this) sang the praises of being medically referred to a gymn via the NHS. Okay, okay, I can take a hint.

C had out a lovely four year old female for them, her soft coat a mix of calico and tortoiseshell. Add to an affectionate nature and it was a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately I hadn't thought to bring my camera. So back down the A19 to Murton with happy couple and cat.

The Maine Coon (whose name was Lynda, it being adorned on the collar) was found a new home within a couple of hours with a friend of C's, who already has one and is experienced with this breed, whose name is (and I swear I'm not making this up) Linda.

I read somewhere once that it would be extremely odd if coincidences didn't happen, which I believe, so I don't imbue them with any significance. Still, it's fun when they happen.

The following photo has been lifted from Google and, not having seen the cat, I have no idea if it's anything like this. Still, we all like looking at nice pictures of pussies, don't we.

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