Monday, 3 January 2011


Right, now that's over it's back to cats.

On Christmas Eve, Susan had to take our Lily to the vets and she just managed to get in. The cat had an abscess on her tail which had burst and was in a mess. The vet sedated her, cleaned and stitched the wound and out a bandage on. The bandage lasted until the following Wednesday evening by which time it was apparent that the wound was healing well.

On Thursday I called in at Carol's with a pile of food and looked at the new kittens. There were three, just at rehomable age in a cat carrier and a black 5 month old female whose mood alternated between very friendly and somewhat bitey. I think it's just how she's approached but would benefit from someone used to cats. Not a starter cat in other words. Her legs seem a bit on the short side, don't they?

One of the other cats -Meg aka Psycho cat- wasn't in a good way so I took her to Roker Park vets. I was also carrying an old cat which had died in her sleep for them to take care of. Sadly, Meg was in a worse state than we thought and it was decided to put her to sleep. I wasn't happy about this as I was rather fond of the moody old soul but felt it was the right thing to do. Not to do so would only have prolonged her suffering. Apart from not being well, she wasn't a happy cat, didn't like the other cats she shared space with, and was too old and temperamental to re-home. Here she is in better days.

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