Monday, 17 January 2011


Only one trip to the vets and that on Wednesday morning to take two for neutering.

On Thursday I picked up a lady in her 70's who wanted a cat. Her previous cat had died a month earlier of old age. I'd met the lady before and taken her and her cat to the PDSA a few months ago and knew she'd provide a good home. After looking at several she finally picked a neutered four year old female with thick black fur which will need a lot of grooming but her new owner is quite happy to do that. I picked her up and stroked her and she seemed like a placid cat. Here she is.

Saturday I picked up two five month old kittens for re-homing. The couple, who had two young boys, had got them from someone they new who wanted rid of them in a hurry. However, on top of their children and three other cats all in a small house this was just a little too much. They'll get re-homed quite easily.

And that -apart from roaming around in the van making several trips to collect donations for the shop, several visits to the council tip to drop off bags of used cat litter, soiled bedding, unsaleable stock in poor condition, and a couple of trips to pass on decent but stuck stock to Barnardo's in the city centre, and a committee meeting one evening- was that.

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