Thursday, 7 October 2010


This poor nervous soul was dumped on us by his owners. He's about ten months old and I had him neutered at the beginning of the week. He's currently being fostered with Lynn.
Meg, aka Psycho Cat, had terribly matted fur on her rear end and seemed to have no inclination to groom herself. She was shorn under anaesthetic last week and this is the result.
A recently arrived six week old kitten has been found a home with the neighbour of a veterinary nurse.
Some of Carol's cats.
This is the 21 year old cat referred to in the previous post and this is what she looks like now the open wound/cancerous lump on her back has been removed. From now on I will remember her as Frankenstein's Cat.
More of Carol's cats including FC.

And these should be self-explanatory.
 I brought this one home tonight to be neutered tomorrow.
Here is Big Ted and Little Bob on the window of my study. Ted can sometimes be a bit thuggish with the older cats but he's been astonishly patient with Daisy and Bob.

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