Saturday, 23 October 2010


Another installment of what appears now to be a weekly cat rescuing blog. There's no curse, I've just been watching a few horror movies and I like alliteration.

Thursday afternoon I called in a Roker Park Vets to pick up a cat which had to have the fur from halfway down its back to the base of the tail shorn. The cat lives almost entirely on a crossbar above the gate into the open area where the rescued cats live because she hates/ is terrified of other cats. She eats up there, pees and shits from up there, and can't turn round properly to groom herself. The nurse told me she was absolutely adorable. At Carol's I picked up a sweet-faced young female tabby which I took home to stay overnight in the garage prior to dropping her off for neutering the next morning.

Afternoon and I dropped the cat and a shedload of cat food off at Carol's and picked up a dozen bags of soiled cat bedding to take to the tip on the way home. Back home, I'd literally got through the door when the phone rang. 

Can you take two ten week old kittens. Ring Carol. Go for the kittens. Nice lady and she was having the mother neutered the same day. Kittens, all back, well socialised, cute. Take them to Carol's.

A relatively quiet week on the whole and I managed to go swimming for five mornings in a row. Amigo, the cat with the torn ligaments, had to go back to have his stitches out. For the first half he was okay, the next two he growled, the next one his teeth went into my hand and his claws into my arm after that. So he's going back next week to have the rest out under sedation. Bad cat!

Today Andrea had her much loved dog Milly put to sleep. She was old and had cancer and was suffering. It's the hardest and kindest thing any pet owner can do.

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