Saturday, 30 October 2010


Another week gone with cats rescued and some cats rehomed, and even more taken the the vets for neutering and other stuff.

The latest rescued is this 7 month old boy who was reluctantly given up because his owner's young son has asthma caused by cat fur. Her older daughter, however, has stopped speaking to her. Don't blame the kid either because the cat is lovely and friendly. He's currently in our garage because Carole has no room but thinks she might have a home for him after the weekend.
Monday night we were called out to a small abandoned factory at Hendon where Jean Frost, an independent cat rescuer who works with local organisations like ourselves, was trapping feral cats which live there. This colony had been there for a while and only a few months ago we caught two kittens which were tamed and rehomed. The cats are used to people and another night Jean met a married couple who regularly fed them. On Monday, however, there were a lot of people around, particularly kids, and I think Jean needed a little moral support. She'd trapped three and wanted one which she felt might be tamable taken to Carole's, which I duly did. Within a couple of days the cat, while still nervous, could be stroked. Yesterday I took it and two kittens (see below) for neutering. Jean has now neutered all but one of the colony. First is the feral.
I've taken a lovely friendly young black cat to Roker Park Vets because it appears to be losing weight and is certainly thin for its age. Both the vet and Carole think it should improve with a loving home. (Sorry, no photo.) Also no photo of a cat I've been trying to catch which has been hanging round a chicken processing factory on a trading estate nearby for over six weeks now. One of the workers there rang me because he's worried about it surviving hte cold weather and says it is friendly. I've seen it once but couldn't get near so I'll have to borrow a trap. However, I'll to get rid the cat at the top of this post first as I don't have the room.

On the home front, Daisy but particularly Little Bob continue to be delightful. Daisy doesn't like being picked up but does like climbing on top of me while I'm in bed and purring loudly as I stroke her. Little Bob loves being picked up and petted and either curling up next to me on the settee or sleeping in my lap. He's also lively and into everything. He and Daisy remain best friends, chasing and jumping on each other, indulging in mutual grooming, and often sleeping next to each other. Domesticated things you make my heart sing.

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