Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The last of Chloe's kittens has been rehomed and Chloe herself was rehomed last week.(and will be neutered tomorrow). Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Carol asking if I'd pick up a bloke from Leechmere (about half a mile away) and take him to hers to look at the kittens. So I did. Bit rough and ready but he lived next door to Ida from whom Susan and I got Lucy, our first cat together, sixteen years ago and Ida had given him our number. If Ida had given her approval that was fine by me.
And here he is with Chloe's last kitten. a few minutes later I took them home together.

While I was there I checked out a recent arrival of kittens. Their feral mother lived in a garden and was supervised by its owners who handled the kittens from being a couple of days old and had recently neutered the mother. Four black with nearly hidden tabby streaks which will probably become more pronounced as they get old plus one ginger. I noticed their eyes were a bit sticky and ended up taking them to the vets at Roker Park where they got some ointment and antibiotics.

You can just see Chloe's kitten snuggled up in the middle of them.
While I was in the vets, where the kittens got a few cuddles from the receptionists, I was asked by a guy with a dog if I was a breeder.
The only thing more insulting than that to me would be if he'd asked me if I was a paedophile. I politely explained why I didn't like breeders and what I actually did. 

About the same time a lady had called back to pay her bill which she'd been too upset to do earlier having had a much loved cat put to sleep. She noticed me and the kittens and told her husband who, while I was having the kittens looked at, I was as seeing the kittens had sparked his wife into considering a kitten. After I'd been and gone from Carol's, they'd phoned her up, called round and collected this four month old little treasure who'd been dropped in Carol's lap on Monday.

She also had a couple of other cats and this four year sad-looking ginger boy caught my attention. His owner had just died and no relatives wanted to take him on. Regular readers will know I have a soft spot for ginger cats.
Two more kittens are arriving by Friday so I should have more photos soon.

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