Wednesday, 30 June 2010


But first I had to call in at Roker Park vets to pick up additional antiobiotics for Zoe the diarrhoea-plagued kitten (see yesterday's post). Then off to Carol's to collect the two cats and one kitten which Tracy had agreed to take. Leaving from Carol's on the opposite side of Sunderland to where I live adds another 15 minutes onto a 40-minute journey. The trip itself is relatively straightforward: dual carriageway from Sunderland to Durham, get through Durham whiich is the slowest and trickiest part, then a fast (depending on who's in front) single carriageway until a right turn up into the hills and to Burnhope for the most attractive part of the drive.

Here are a few photographs of her rescue/cattery plus assorted pets including a couple of cats and their kittens I brought through a few weeks ago.

We got one surprise when it turned out that the kitten I'd brought had an injured toe which had turned septic and was worse than that of the little kitten we'd taken to the vets the day before. If we'd known then we could have taken them both. He's a lovely little thing who loves being picked up and stroked. Needless to say I told Tracy to send any vets bills to us, though she's hoping she may be able to deal with it herself. I just hope he's going to be okay. See for yourself.
Back home, I finally got round to scanning the young cat that Anne was fostering.
And, much to my surprise, I got a positive result. I rang to local vets who contact Petlog, got an address (two actually) and phone number, rang the owner who confirmed the bushy tail and the post-op neutering scar, and called me back. I collected the cat and met the owner at the vets. Before I went there, Susan insisted that I ask for a donation, which I did but was very embarrassing especially as he didn't have any cash on him. Stiil, she's back with her owner and sister who was apparently fretting over her being missing so all's well, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your comments and pics of the cat and kittens, I was looking at you site to see if you had any short haired persians,which we are very fond of .we have had 4
Long haired persians but now I find the grooming an
Ordeal at my age.
At the moment we are decorating throughout the house
so I will check on your web. When my house is back being
A home again.

Thank you I'm not patronising you, but you do do a good
Job, thank god there's people like you and the girls.

Kind regards

Sheila. I.