Monday, 14 June 2010


Just for a change, and seeing as I have my brand new Which? best-buy camera to try out, I thought I'd take a few photographs of our shop which is the main source of our income. Without it there simply wouldn't be an Animal Krackers because we just wouldn't have the money we need for vets bills, kennel fees, pet food, and neutering costs.

The prime movers and organisers are Sue Hardy (my wife) and Andrea Parkin. Here they are with Millie and Benjy, Andrea's two dogs. Benjy is a recent acquisition. He was brought to our attention just after he'd been hit by a car. We paid for his leg to be amputated and looked after him until Andrea decided to keep him. He's lively friendly and happy despite being a tripod.
Here are a few pictures of the main shop area.

And that is pretty much most of it.

Behind the scenes is a kitchen/workroom area. Upstairs is an office and storeroom. and outside is a toilet, storeroom for pet items including bedding, food, traps, etc. What was a coalhouse we use for storing bags of clothing to be recycled. Plus the yard area which is a dumping ground and collection point for stuff that's unusable/unsaleable/unrecycleable which I take to the council tip in the charity's van.
 And some more people.
And a little something for the cat fans out there. Here are two kittens we've recently rescued. The ginger and black one is called Zoe and she's having a problem with her bowels. The other was  found near Carol's being threatened by dogs.
And here's me.

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