Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Been a fairly quiet week on the cat front. I took a couple of cats from Carol's at different times to Vets4Pets. One, Hettie from Hetton, needed checking to see if she needed stronger tablets for her thyroid problem but got an open verdict. Then there was Melba who needed her teeth seeing to but had her bloods checked first which proved okay so I'm taking her this Thursday morning.

This morning, after arriving back from my morning swim, I got a call from the family who were fostering C'mell. Sadly the steroid injection had worn off and she was back to going in circles crying in a distressed and distressing manner. I rang Roker Park Vets and got an appointment for half an hour later.

As I'd warned them and I'd expected, the vet recommended that she be put to sleep. She had some neurological condition, probably a brain tumour and steroids only acted as a temporary palliative. She was an old and very ill cat. I held her while she was injected, stroking and talking to her as she quickly faded away.

I always hate having to authorise a cat to be put to sleep and always, no matter how convinced I am that I'm relieving the animal's suffering, feel guilty about it just as I know it is the kindest thing to do.

And that is three cats I've lost in the last few weeks. I'm not a very happy animal rescuer right now.

Post Script.

It's now a couple of hours later and in that time we received a request to take in a 4-month old male which was not being well-handled by a two year old girl. Carol couldn't take it but Lynn agreed, despite being upset over C'Mell (or Tabitha as she'd named it) whom she wanted to keep.

Anne and Joe of Star Rescue picked the kitten up from Hebburn and brought it here. It's a lovely tabby and white, lean, clean and healthy, deflea-ed and vaccinated. I took it round to Lynn's where it cautiously and gradually came out of the cat carrier, sniffed her fingers, sniffed the  couch, slid onto the floor and sniffed that and the fingers of Lynn's 9-year old son. Curious and alert and used to being stroked. I think it will do well there, though Susan has her eye on it for June who took the cat with the broken leg (see earlier posts).

A nice end to a rough day.

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