Friday, 13 November 2009


This poor old girl isn't a happy bunny; hardly surprising as she's a cat but never mind. She didn't seem to be eating so I arranged for a visit to have her teeth done at Roker Park Vets as that's what the vet had suggested. On Wednesday evening she did, though, eat half a dish of Sheba chicken in jelly which was promising.

So, Thursday morning and I had the van and took little C'Mell to the vets. We had a guy in to do the garden and, as we had several sacks of garden waste piled up, I took the opportunity to drop them off at the Council Tip on the way to Carol's to pick up the Hetton cat (unnamed but that was where I got her from) to take her to Vets4Pets for a follow-up visit with regards to her thyroid with Sarah the vet. While has been improving, she's still a skinny little thing and her heart was racing about two thirds faster than it should. Sarah gave me some more tablets and took a blood sample to see if further or different treatment might be neccessary. Still waiting on that one.

Back at the shop, I filled the van with dog food and bedding and took it to the charity StrayAid at Coxhoe in County Durham. Despite it being about a 25 mile round trip, I managed it in about 75 minutes including dropping all the stuff off.

Teatime and I arrived to pick up C'Mell (this is my own private name for her as every time I formally name a sick cat it ends up dying). Fortunately she'd been seen by a more experienced vet this time. She didn't need dental treatment at all. The reality of her problems was much worse than that. She is deaf and her eyesight doesn't seem that good. She also has an undiagnosed problem which may be brain damage or something else. She turns in circles and scratches deeply at her left ear though there's no major infection or infestation in it. The vet had given her a steroid injection which should help her pick up and last for a couple of weeks. He also advised us to monitor her closely in case she deteriorated.

I took her back to the shop where she seemed okay. Later on though I got a call from Susan who was upset by the cat's behaviour. It was going in circles and was clearly distressed. I went round and had a look and it was still acting like that. As I've said many times in these postings, my prime concern is not to let an animal suffer and so, if it was still like that in the morning it would be put to sleep. Andrea and Susan were in complete agreement.

With a heavy heart, I turned up at the shop this morning, half-expecting the cat to be dead. Happily she had improved, even to the extent of eating the food I'd left down for her the previous evening. I could still see the tendency to go in circles but she wasn't distressed and purred loudly when made a fuss of

I don't think she has a lot of time left but for the moment we're leaving her as she is. As long as she can keep going, we'll keep her going.

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