Thursday, 5 November 2009


I haven't been directly involved in any of this so what follows are my recollections of hearsay. Take that any way you want.

Paul and Joanne our new cat fosterers are having to give it up because Joanne's cat allergy has come back fiercely. However, we have someone who wants to adopt the two they're looking after. Paul is to take them to their new home but phones us first to confirm details. He casually mentions about not letting them out for at least two weeks and at this point the erstwhile adopter says words to the effect that she has no intention of cleaning out cat litter. Paul sensibly replies that she clearly isn't a suitable person and he won't take the two seven month olds to her.

Apparently she comes into the shop and wanted a dog from us to use as a guard dog as well as a cat and was turned down. Needless to say, she isn't well thought of.

Next thing, Carol our cat rescuer phones us and speaks to Susan. She has a nice lady wanting a ginger cat (this particular detail may be wrong but it's something like that) but she doesn't have one. However, a rescuer at Wallsend (we'll call her 'Sue' as that may be her name, I'm slightly unsure) has a suitable cat and can we go through in the van to pick it up. Well, Wallsend is way outside our catchment area and we don't know the place at all. Susan checks and it would onluycost £25 to get a taxi to pick the cat up.

Now at this point it's nearly 7.30pm and I've just finished cooking our evening meal but Susan has to go and take Andrea home from the shop. This should be a 15-minute round trip. She comes back just before 9.00 some 90 minutes later, having spent much of this on the phone.

The new titular owner of the cat is none other than our old friend who has no intention of cleaning cat litter so there is no way she's getting it. (She seemed nice on the phone, Carol said.) This upset 'Sue' who needed the space to take in a pregnant cat (again details may be wrong) who apparently started going on about the hundreds of thousands of pounds we have in the bank (we don't) being used to help other rescues (which we do anyway if and when we can) but where she got the idea that we had vast unlimited funds (which, I repeat, we don't) one can only speculate and while I have a good idea, I'm not going to name names. It is true that we are trying to build up funds for a permanent animal rescue which was part of our plan from the very beginning but we won't get very far if we keeping parting with the savings we do have.

Susan came back exhausted and irritated.

Like the title says, people are annoying.

While I'm on the subject, our cat Ted went to see Honour the vet and the fleas are back and our house is riddled with them, so Susan reported to me, and that the dead kitten Poppy also had them. This may well be true but I would like to know why in all the times I took her to the vets that none of them mentioned this fact to me and did something about it.

And how come I don't get bothered by fleas while Susan constantly scratches? And I'm still loaded with cold and pissed off.


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