Monday, 1 April 2013


Susan asked me to keep a diary for a week of what I did just to give people an idea of how busy I am (or not) for Animal Krackers. So here it is, with photos.

Friday 22th:
Emily’s Nursery to buy cat litter (4*30 litre sacks). Sainsbury’s to buy cat food. Carole’s at Southwick to deliver the above. Wendy’s vets to collect Jack, a lovely long haired black and white cat, for re-homing. Ferryfarm Kennels to drop off Jack and talk to new volunteer cat cuddlers.

Saturday 23rd:
            To Asda and Morrisons to empty their pet food bins.

Sunday 24th:
            To Sainsburys to empty the pet food bins and then to Susan’s to deliver the dog food. (Note: since Susan and I split up, I now keep the cat food at my house).

Monday 25th:
            To Ferryfarm to photograph all the cats. (See previous post.). Write a blog entry to include the new photos. Notify Phil so he can put them on the website.

Tuesday 26th:
            Email photos to StrayAid for their website. Take donated cat food to Carole. Transport Mary.

Wednesday 27th:
            A rare day when I have no Animal Krackers jobs to do. The next day makes up for it.

Thursday 28th:
            To Lidl to buy cat food which is on special offer and then to Emily’s for litter. After delivering both to Carole’s I take two cats to Wendy’s for vaccinations and she tells me her plans for re-organising Carol’s setup. To Susan to tell her what Wendy said.  

In the afternoon I got to Ferryfarm to meet two people who want to adopt a cat. Only one turns up (because the other wasn't due till Friday and I got the day wrong) but she takes Jack, a lovely long haired black and white (see above). 

To Sainsbury’s to empty the food bin. 

To a garage to have a new passenger side wing mirror fitted. 

While there, Susan calls me to call in at the shop where a pedigree British short hair has just been dumped. I end up taking it home where it spends the night hiding behind the fridge.

This is not the back of my fridge.

Friday 29th:
            The cat is now hiding underneath the settee in my living room. Susan has just called so I’m now on my way out…

Post Script 1. 

Tuppence, called that because he cost £300 (I've seen the web page), is a scaredy cat who runs away from me. when I corner him, however, he purrs as I stroke him. He's also more adventurous as the next photo is of him sharing a settee with me. Given time, I think he'll be as nice as he is pretty.

Post Script 2.   

Thursday 4th April.

I've just been informed that one of my readers has taken offence at the last couple of sentences -which I've deleted- in which I jokingly stated that I'll be keeping the cat. This is true but what I should have indicated was that I'll happily pay whatever is agreed to be a fair price for him as indeed I would have been asking for more than the regular donation anyway. He's a funny little character and I've grown very fond of him in only a few days.

Post Script 3.

Note to self: stop making jokes in this blog, it's not worth it.

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