Monday, 25 March 2013


This morning I went up to Ferry Farm to take photographs of all the cats currently waiting to be re-homed from our re-homing centre there. They are in order of closest to the entrance.

Except the first one. This an eight week old kitten staying at Kings Road Practice Vets. He suffered particularly virulent diarrhea when younger and still may have the bug in his system so he can't be re-homed with any other cats. He's bright, lively, and friendly -contact number 0191 5493535 if you're interested.

The two cats are best friends who have to be re-homed together and have been with us for a while. Don't know why as they are really friendly. As is Jack who is is just a big fluffy softy who arrived last week. The other black and white below is Phoebe, another softy.

These are Amy and Annabelle, mother and daughter, and with us since the beginning. I really don't know why as they are beautiful and friendly. Annabelle the long haired daughter needs regular grooming or her fur quickly develops tats. We had her shorn recently.

Precious the tabby and white would make an ideal house cat, she's lovely. But then so are the two close friends below her whose names escape me because I didn't write them down and I've a rotten memory.

Another black and white cutie whose name I've forgotten.

This is Tigger. His fosterer said he was a lovely friendly cat but he's having a hard time adapting to being in the centre and he cries and growls constantly. He can be stroked and even picked up but it always feels as if he's going to attack you any second. I keep telling him he's not giving a good impression if he wants a new home. But will he listen?

Mother and daughter. Mother is very friendly. Daughter is very scared; she's not aggressive at all and can easily be stroked but feels stressed while it's happening. They need a quiet home and an owner with a lot of patience.

Our last two. Both nice friendly cats wanting a good home. That's it.

Oh, and just a quick word of thanks to our new three volunteer cat cuddlers who are doing so much to relax the cats and keep them socialised.

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