Monday, 3 December 2012


Yes, it's true. Only three and a half months late but Animal Krackers Cat Re-homing Centre is now finally open to re-home cats and it already has its first (hopefully temporary) residents. This morning I collected six cats from Kings Road Veterinary Practice where Wendy and her staff had been looking after them for over four months and to whom Animal Krackers owes a big thank you. They are all lovely people who are devoted to animals and who have been very supportive of our efforts. The practice is a model of good veterinary care.

So, on to the cats and the re-homing centre. We have a mother and daughter (Aimee and Annabelle) and brother and sister (Harriet and Hector) sharing cages (but not all together if you see what I mean), and Tess and Name Temporarily Forgotten in individual cages. All are young ranging from 10 months to 3 years, all neutered and vaccinated.

First off, a couple of pictures of NTF and Tess at the vets.

And, in descending order- Harriet and Hector on arrival, Harriet, Tess, Aimee and Annabelle (or vice versa), Annabelle (or Aimee), Aimee and Annabelle (yes, again), and two of NTF.

Tess is a bit traumatised by the move and didn't stir from her basket when I put her there. But she is a nice cat with the softest coat imaginable. All six cats are nice, friendly animals and will make some people lovely pets. The friendliest is Harriet who doesn't just want affection, she demands it and won't leave you alone until she gets some.

And here we are at the beginning of Animal Krackers and Ferryfarm Kennels new joint venture. There'll be teething problems and we won't get everything right straight away but we will get there in the end. The cats have gone from a metal cage to a much larger area full of space and light and things to play on and hide in. They can see outside to what will be a grassed over area (it's a muddy field at the moment) with bird tables. The sleeping unit has a flat heater attached to the wall close to their beds. So they have warmth, security, space and light.

I'll be back with more photos and new residents in a few days time.

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