Saturday, 24 November 2012


Which is a lot better than that horrible word 'fayre'.

Held, as usual, in St.Aidan's church hall, Grangetown, it was a big success. So a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped get everything together, staffed the various stalls, provided refreshments, and did all the other things that needed to be done. Also a big thank you to everyone who came and spent money. Extra thanks to Steven, a  church volunteer who organises the hall.

Not as many photos as I'd like because some of them turned out crap; that is, grainy rather than sharp -I'll put one in as an example. First off, your humble blogger who sat next to the door for nearly two hours taking in the admission money. I'm quite happy sitting down and having people give money to me. An ideal job in fact. Except I didn't get to keep the cash.

 Ann Steabler, always busy behind the scenes of the shop.

The ladies of the refreshments

Lyn (right), one of our cat fosterers

Big Ian, Master of the Tombola

 Mark & Dawn of Ferryfarm Kennels who are hosting our cat re-homing centre

Last, but definitely not least, Sue Hardy who is the glue that holds Animal Krackers together and the engine that keeps us all going.

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