Monday, 10 October 2011


This is a bit of a miscellaneous collection of photographs with some brief explanatory details for those which need them. First off- cats in a basket!

A feral cat in a crusher cage at the vets where he'll be neutered and later released back where he came from.

Kittens! You've seen them before but now they're a week or so older than the last time and just as cute.

Last night Carole was asked by the police to take in a cat which had been found with her owner who had been dead for a week. According to his landlord he'd been suffering from Hepatitis B and Carole had wanted her checked out by the vet. No idea how old she is -my guess was 8 but she could easily be older. Despite being trapped for a week she doesn't seem to have lost any weight -she's quite heavy- and seems in good condition, though her teeth and gums need work. Curiously in both appearance and manner, she's quite similar to Lotus, the gentle old girl Susan and I have taken in recently; her fur is much softer though.

And lastly a photo of our van with donations I'd just picked up.

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