Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Trying to fill in a form for my accountant so she can do my tax and frequently getting interrupted by phone calls from people wanting to know if I'm really stuck in Spain, wanting to re-home cats -sorry, we're full, wanting to re-home a chihuahua -sorry, we're-

What was that?

A chihuahua. Four years old. Chipped. Owner about to go on a rig tomorrow and is thinking of having it put to sleep. His mother is just out of hospital and is recovering from cancer and can't cope with it. I call Phil on my mobile who tells me we can take it which I tell the guy on the land line. He's at Westhall kennels who've given them my number. I tried and explain where Ferryfarm kennels are but gave up and told him to bring the dog to my house. And here he is.
He's actually bigger than I expected, still a small dog but not tiny. I brought him in the house and put him in the living room where I'd been watching TV with Lotus, though to be honest I don't think she was really interested in Terra Nova, which I'd recorded from last night, though I quite liked the first two episodes. What Lotus didn't like was the little dog and, to my complete astonishment, she jumped off her chair and attacked him. The most she's done with the other cats was a half-hearted hiss. So I put him in the garden but he didn't like being left alone and barked a lot. He was also frightened of our short-haired grey cat Lily even though she kept well away from him.  Eventually I gave up and took him for a walk down to the shop where I was able to leave him in the care of Andrea. 

I've just heard from Susan that someone is coming this afternoon to foster him. Goodbye little dog.
But not forgetting cats. First off are two feral kittens which Carole hopes to tame, then an adult feral female I'd taken to the vets for spaying. How does a cat like that get to be feral?

Then there's the three-month old black kitten I picked up for re-homing. He looks sad, but he isn't. He's a lively, friendly, playful little thing.

Lastly here are a few garden photos of  Lotus, whom we know now to be 14 years old because her late owner took out an insurance policy to pay for any care she needed.

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