Friday, 5 August 2011


Carole has an ally a mile or so down the road called Gary. No, the road isn't called Gary, the ally is. He lives on a bit of a rough housing estate where he keeps an eye out for animals and currently shares a house with his mother, g/f, and several dogs and cats. Two of the cats, Ron & Reggie, are available for re-homing. I'd called round this morning to pick him and either Ron or Reggie (I'm not sure which) and take him and Ron (or Reggie) to Roker Park vets as Ron (, enough of that joke) has a recurring problem on his lower jaw. The vet said it was quite rare but should be easily fixed with a cortisone (or something like that) injection.  Anyway, here are Ron and Reggie and a big soft Staffy that was in the living room with them and several other cats.

On the way back from the vets, I had to call in at Carols to drop off some extra food I'd bought earlier at Asda and took the opportunity to take some photos of kittens. First off is the grey cat (who's eventually going to go back to her owner) and her kittens, followed by the usual suspects. But first first (and you may want to hide your eyes until its gone as the next picture is of) me and Ugly Betty who is getting a home in two weeks.

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