Tuesday, 16 August 2011


This afternoon I took two young cats to Roker Park to be neutered, leaving them there overnight. I also brought with me a newly arrived 12 week old kitten just to be checked out. 

I never managed to return him to Carole's. This is his short story.

It started out as just a normal food run. However, as I started unloading at Carole's after arriving just before mid-day, she came out and told me a kitten had been handed in at Pets At Home shop on the North Hylton Trading Estate so off I went to pick it up. When I got there I found three young girls waiting for me with one of them holding it. Apparently they'd found it in a box at Castletown. I thanked them and popped it into the cat carrier. It seemed a nice little kitten with a loud purr and thick ginger fur.

On the way back while driving along the Wessington Way dual carriageway I spotted a stationary lorry with a car parked at an angle in the same lane as me. I slowed down to overtake it and when I did saw a man and a woman out of there vehicles looking at a motionless young fox standing in the middle of the lane. I couldn't stop because of other traffic and didn't have anything to contain the animal, plus it would have taken at least five minutes to get back there and anything could have happened by then. Rather reluctantly I took the kitten to Carole's and went home.

Next day -today, as I've said- I picked it up and the other two young cats.

In the surgery I took some more photos of the ginger kitten.
Both receptionists were quite taken with him and so was Wendy the vet. In the examination room, Wendy checked him out, spotting the conjunctivitis immediately, but he was otherwise fine. I mentioned my soft spot for ginger cats which, it turned out, Wendy shared. She had also lost a cat recently and was waiting for a special one to come along. She picked him up and stroked him commenting on his loud purr. 

"Well," I said, "if you might be interested I'd make a decision quickly as he won't be at Carole's for long. Wendy replied that she couldn't unless she wanted to risk a divorce. I thought Wendy was smitten. She asked, "Can I bring him back if he doesn't get on with my other cat?"

And that is why I didn't take the ginger kitten back to Carole's. The little kitten, abandoned one day, has found the best home possible the next -with a kind and loving vet (as long as he plays his cards right.)

Now you tell me that isn't a fairy tale ending.

And just to finish, a mother with kittens.

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