Tuesday, 3 May 2011


That's it, really. These photos were taken last Thursday. The mother of the kittens has a home waiting for her in a couple of weeks but the rest are up for grabs. If you're interested, don't delay as the situation can change from day to day.

The next two are actually sharing a cage and I cropped the photos as there was only the back half of each cat in the photo.

This one above is resting a weak hind leg but is particularly beautiful and friendly.

Our neutered black and white boy here was handed in at the shop and brought to my house where I had to keep him while a microchip number checked out -the number wasn't registered. When my back was turned and just before I was due to take him to Carol's, he escaped from the carrier and hid in the tiny cupboard under the stairs. I tried to get him and almost got stuck so I put some tuna down and kept checking to see if he came out. He did but darted back inside. He stopped, however, just beside the door, let me stroke him which was a mistake as I grabbed him. 
Another nice young cat.

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