Saturday, 28 May 2011


I haven't been blogging for a couple of weeks, not because I haven't been doing stuff, but because I've first had internet connection problems and then problems with accessing my blogs. See my Freethinking blog for full details.

There are three batches of photographs here. The first is of adult cats, aged from about 9 months to 4 years old. All friendly, all neutered, all would make lovely pets. The second is of new kitten arrivals but I wouldn't be surprised if they've all gone by the end of the day, I know two have already. Lastly are two arrivals which turned up yesterday, but I'll tell you more about them down the page.

And now the kittens.

Yesterday was a busy one. Out early to pick up a mature beautiful, and possibly, Maine Coon from a couple we'd re-homed it to only to learn that it hadn't been neutered as we'd been told and was now in heat. Then over to Carol's to pick up her, a kitten with the runs, and young male tabby to be neutered and take them to Roker Park Vets. All three stayed, I dropped off Carol and then over to Asda to buy extra cat food.

Just before I was due to take Susan to the hospital for a minor operation on a finger, I got a call from the shop. Someone had handed in a young cat which had apparently been tied to a post with a shoe lace for two days -you can see the marks on its fur. Now as the rescue is full and I couldn't think of anyone to foster it, the only choice left was a cage in our garage. A young un-neutered male, he's about 6-9 months old at a guess and he seems quite friendly and used to being handled. I'll get him done next week after which he'll be available for re-homing. Seems a nice little cat. See for yourself-

Later on, after collecting Susan -who hadn't been operated on- from the hospital, it was back to pick up Carol and Baby (the feral kitten I rescued at a few days old) who has continuing nasal problems and take them to Roker Park Vets where we'd be collecting the other three we'd left in the morning.

The staff there had a bonus cat for us which had been handed in to them. Carol had agreed to take it over the phone as she was told it was a kitten. It wasn't, though it wasn't very big either and very under-nourished. It's a pretty cat and would make a lovely pet as it also seems to be very friendly.

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