Thursday, 17 February 2011


Up and out early to Asda to buy the week's cat food. Then, there being not much in the donations bin, I headed down the road to Sainsburys to check theirs which proved much better. And on over to Southwick to unload the food and collect three cats for neutering at Roker Park Vets. These were the little cat I'd rescued when only a few days old from a friend's doorstep at Lanchester, a recently-finished lactating ginger cat, and a pretty female tabby I'd never seen before.

After getting home I learned that the cat I'd picked up from Middle Herrington which had gone in the shop office and then been fostered out was back in the office. Don't know why. Then I got a call from the couple who'd taken in the abandoned cat from the Gentoo flat who were finding it too lively for them. Apparently it would wake them up at 5.30am. Still, we all have different tolerances. Me, I get woken by cats wanting to be out any time from just after midnight to no later than 4.30am. 

I did place a 'found' ad in the Sunderland Echo about the office-residing cat but have had only two calls so far, neither of them from the cat's owner.

Later I dropped off one of our helpers who'd bought a load of stuff that day at her home at Dawdon in Seaham then headed over to the vets for 4.00pm to pick up the cats.

A busy day, which is fine, and a little bit of an annoying one too. Not so fine.

The last couple of days have been fairly quiet. It won't last.

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