Saturday, 12 February 2011


Which is the total distance from my house to pick up two cats at Southwick on t'other side of the river, on to Tracy's rescue at Burnhope (deep in the Durham countryside, see several previous posts), and home again.

Tracy had agreed to take a couple of our cats. One of which was the little black and white sod who climbs up people (see previous post) and a lovely long haired one who had just arrived.

Regular readers may remember that Tracy has a rather large gravel yard on which several cockerels strut their stuff, ignored by the cats which laze around. This time I was greeted by a barking dog I'd never seen before. I assumed it would be friendly to be roaming around there and it was. It sniffed at the cats and let me make a fuss of it.

Once the cats were settled in their new (hopefully) temporary homes (see above), Tracy asked me if I'd take some photos for her website (just added to the sidebar) which I was happy to do and here are a few of them. For some reason I didn't take a photo of a lovely friendly little black kitten but what the hell, you've seen one lovely friendly black kitten you've seen them all and I've got a lovely friendly black kitten at home anyway.
These two are son and mother.
Laser-eyes here is a feral.

These two aren't feral but it didn't stop them hissing at me.

Tracy doesn't just have cats, cockerels, the odd dog, and guinea pigs (which being in cages I tend to forget about), she also has these.
They are very friendly but you can't get them to sit in your lap the way you can a cat.

From top to bottom: One bird, one horse, one Tracy, one dog.

I always like visiting Tracy's rescue. I never know quite what I'm going to find.

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