Friday, 13 August 2010


The Fleabag family consists of a mother, her three kittens, and her sister. They arrived at Carol's looking like a feline version of dalmatians except dalmatian spots don't move, jump, bite and suck blood. In other words, all five of them were covered, and in this case that is not much of an exaggeration, with fleas. Carol sprayed them, bathed them and a day later, when I arrived, they still had some on them though they were dying off. And today when I came with my camera they were all gone.

Carol's hanging on to them for a little while to make sure that they're okay and here are some of the snaps I took. I can verify that they are all socialised and will make good pets. Don't you want one or more of them?

And lastly, while I was there a young woman arrived wanting a cat. Carol offered her this lovely friendly 6 month old who'd just been neutered last week.

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